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Children's Book Writers
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Find a Critique Group / Reader


What is a critique group?
Critique groups or critique partners are peers who exchange constructive feedback on their work.


Joining a critique group in our area:
Westchester is not short on writers and illustrators like you who want peer feedback. Our critique group coordinator has begun a list of members who would like to connect.

To be added to that list, contact with “Critique Group” in the subject line, and include the following information:

1. Are you writing PB, MG, or YA? Are you a writer, an illustrator, or a writer/illustrator?
2. Would you like to meet your critique partners in person or online?
3. What days or evenings are you available?
4. Where do you live and are you willing to travel?
5. Are you published in children’s books?
6. Are you a member of SCBWI?

Once we receive your email, we will add your information and email you the link to our list. If you find a group or critique partner, please let our coordinator know so that we can take you off the list.

In addition to seeking a critique group through our form, try networking at the our Westchester events and SCBWI conferences. Don’t be shy – ask around to find out if there are any critique groups that are looking for new members. Most people in our community are very welcoming!


La Cometa – Spanish-speaking critique group:

The Mexico chapter of SCBWI recently organized an online, international Spanish-speaking critique group. If you are interested in joining, please email – SLC@SCBWI.ORG.


Finding a beta reader in our area:

We added sections to our local critique group form to include beta readers for manuscripts and submission materials. If you’d like to be added, please email with the following information:

1. Genre of your work + age group (i.e. picture book fantasy or YA contemporary)
2. What you’d like to be read (manuscript, query letter, etc) + word count.
3. Would you like to swap work online or in person? If in person, where do you live?
4. Are you published in children’s books?
5. Are you a member of SCBWI?